Mind the doors – Death Penalty at Great Portland Street

A new tube map called The Moral Underground depicts the Daily Mail’s editorial formula

Moral Underground Map

Navigating the moral maze in Fitzrovia

By Peter Whyatt

What do The Death Penalty, Reality TV Stars and Channel 4 Executives have in common? They are all tube stations in Fitzrovia, according to a new Moral Underground Map apparently leaked out of the Daily Mail’s offices and into the hands of The Poke.

A rogue journalist apparently got into the Daily Mail editor’s office and saw their secret editorial formula pinned up on the wall. “Shocked by its similarity to a public transport system so often maligned within The Daily Mail’s own pages, he rolled it up, put it under his jacket and walked out of his job into a media firestorm,” reported The Poke.

According to the Moral Underground Map, Fitzrovia is served by several tube lines: Media Scum, PC Gone Mad, Obsessions, and Rage-O-Meter. The Fitzrovia News editor wonders what our moral agenda is. Comments please.

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